• Engineered to provide the best possible path for combustion chamber heat transfer to the cylinder walls.
  • All pistons, rings, pins and circlips are manufactured to OEM specifications.
  • All individual components are interchangable with original parts.
  • Piston weight compatible with original piston.
  • A machined smooth piston crown should reflect combustion heat while reducing carbon buildup and protecting the top of the piston. Some test have shown that a machined smooth head can increase HP and fuel economy by up to 5%.
  • MOS2 is composed of submicron sized particles of solid lubricant and resin blends of solvents. The coating is rolled on, so it provides 10 times the bond strength of spray on coatings. 
  • Pistons that are not anodized have a hardness of HRB 60, while pistons that are anodized have a hardness of HRB 105. This makes anodized pistons 75% stronger than non-anodized pistons. Anodizing- Increases heat resistance, Minimizes piston expansion and contraction, Reduces the coefficent of friction. 
  • Is a piston with increased silicon content. The end result is a piston that has an increased hardness, is more resistant to wear, and has an increased ability to withstand higher cylinder temperatures, pressure, and detonation.

Arctic Cat Piston Kit - 550 snowmobile

  • No returns on parts.