• SPI complete gasket set contains all necessary gaskets to rebuild an engine, including oil seals withstainless steel springs for maximum performance and corrosion resistance.
  • SPI Gaskets are manufactured to OE-Specs, which means no trimming or fitment issues. Materials are explicitly selected for their temperature, oil, fuel, and coolant- resistant qualities as well as tested using our ASTM standards. Each design is evaluated against rigid quality-control standards to ensure each set meets or exceeds OE performance.


  • Composed of non-asbestos nitrile butadiene bonded cellulose fiber materials; they are commonly used in clutch cover, oil pump, and coolant applications. Components maintain their tensile strength and torque retention in operating conditions of well over 300 degrees.


  • No other gasket is more crucial than your head gasket. The seal between your cylinder and cylinder head is exposed to more heat and extreme pressures than anywhere else in your engine. In order to match these extreme conditions we offer one of the most advanced head gaskets on the market. Constructed from multiple layers of stainless steel to resist corrosion and erosive chemicals commonly found in your engine, then using an on-off pattern, our mls gaskets are coated/embossed with a fluoroelastomer based rubber to tightly seal the metallic mating surfaces. By doing this they can withstand the sheering forces created by the two surfaces (cylinder head and cylinder). This coating also enhances the bond between the gasket material and the imperfect surfaces commonly found when rebuilding your engine.


  • NBR, Fluoroviton, and silicone are selected for each application based upon the following characteristics: temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and their aniline point. A teflon coating is applied on certain applications to prolong performance life.

Arctic Cat Gasket Set- 570 Snowmobile

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